V Mostra Jovens Designers (Young Designers Project) exhibit presents creativity at Salone Satellite

The Mostra Jovens Designers (Young Designers Exhibit), Brazilian exhibition acknowledged as an important window for product and technic-forniture design students is back once again to the Salone Satellite, between April 14th and 19th, in Millan (Italy).

The project represents an opportunity for seven students to present their ideas at an event that is well known for its innovation in products and concepts of new international professionals, since it is oriented to the youth up to 35 years of age.

The 5th edition of the “Mostra” has Auresnede Pires Stephan as its curator, is brought forth by Origem Produções, is sponsored by Deca and is supported by Programa de Ação Cultural (Cultural Action Program) of the government of the State of São Paulo.


 (Gabriel Tanner Pasetti, Young designer)

A two-seat armchair that makes reference to a Brazilian staple food, beans and rice. The wooden arches that frame the chair can be cut from a same sheet, which reduces waste of the material used.

C.A.B.E. (Karina Sayuri Nakata, Young designer)

C.A.B.E. (Conjunto de Abas Baseado em Escada or Ladder-Based Tab Set) is a folding stand,based on the concept of folding stairs. It can be stacked and juxtaposed to form a new set.


MOD – Multifunctional Furniture (Fernando Henrique Moraes Borges, Young designer)

Piece of furniture with a module and a MDF box, coated with PVC blades. The legs of the piece are made of Pinus elliottii with a solid wood blade. It allows a wide range of use with a fitting system that does not require tools. It has a mirror, a box and  a panel as complements.

 MESA UFO (UFO Table) (Cicero Felix de Oliveira Junior, Young designer) 

Pleasing aesthetics with a reduced number of components and easy storage. MDF floating top covered in lacquer. It has a diameter of 900mm and is 15mm thick. The structure of the table is made ??of eucalyptus and is united by three round steel structures of 7/16" which also work as support for the top. All parts are united by 5mm screws. The final height of the piece is 750 mm.

ELO/ CORAL (LINK  / CORAL REEF) (César Roberti, Cecília Siqueira, Rafael Conforto, Filipe Tucunduva, Jéssica Leite and Renata Fernandes,Young designers)

The pieces of furniture presented stood out by the lightness of their lines, their  attractive and innovative features and by their aggregate format. The group also created a line of stools with central link that allows different formats and several types of  use.

 BANQUINHO PETER (STOOL PETER) (Pedro Felipe Bezerra da Silva, Young Designer)

Combined, these stools can be configured in curves, straight lines and circles. Stacked,they turn into shelves that store items.


BANCO HIPODÂMICO (HIPODAMIC STOOL) (Daniel Esteban P. L . Fidelis, Young Designer)

With seating divided into four independent modules, the stool makes mention to the urban layout organized in trays (blocks),characteristic of the work of the Greek  architect Hippodamus of Miletus.